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The shop machine is an umbrella of equipment that offers a range of functions for different benefits. You want a machine tool to make detailed and complex designs of different sizes and shapes. Machine shop equipment completes a range of diagnostic and mechanical jobs in different industries, so there are different shop tools to slowly fabricate and shape the parts and fit them into small and large projects.

Machining applications have different machining processes for industries like engineering, manufacturing and construction, among many more. The only difference is that each industry will have different machines to achieve different tasks. We will dive into different versatile and precise machining options to begin your journey on shop equipment in Edmonton.

A simple rule on different shop machine tools

What is a machine shop?

The machine shop is a manufacturing area where industrial processes take place with different tools and working systems. Machine shops do not have to belong to any particular industry and can be run by manufacturers who produce products for their umbrella of clients. Machine shops have existed since the industrial age. They are continuously making a mark because they are an affordable way for brands to manufacture products without investing in entire systems.

Types of tools available in the machine shop

  • Milling machine – The mill is a machine that uses cutters to remove excess materials from the work area. Many different milling tools have additional accessories for different cuts, including roughing and threading.
  • Lathe – The machine makes contact with the cutting tool and works as per the computer instructions to allow sanding and other operations.
  • Machining center – The machining center uses computer instructions to accomplish complex tasks in multiple ways.
  • Grinding – The machine uses an abrasive wheel to grind the workpiece and produce a smooth surface.
  • Drilling – The drill press is a more powerful and stable drill that drills holes into the workplace
  • Wheel service equipment, lifts and hoists

Choosing machine shop heavy-duty equipment tools

Some shops are better than others because they have digital features and systems to work faster. Watch out for the following factors when considering the right machine shop:


Machine shops have competitive prices with different sizes, factors and experiences. Consider the features of the shop before choosing the lowest rate, so you do not compromise your manufacturing process.

Privacy of manufacturing

Machine shops should sign an NDA to ensure they do not pass on your designs to other clients. We are comfortable with any regulations you would need to maintain confidentiality, so you are at peace knowing no other third party will actualize or borrow your ideas.

Honest interactions

Machine shops have other staff to work all the sections for a collaborative effort to achieve everything you need. It is better to find a machine shop that values honest interactions because they will go beyond the shallow formalities to make sure you understand everything about the manufacturing process, shop tools and equipment.

Keller has many more tools in the machine shop and is ready to schedule an appointment for a personalized consultation on heavy-duty tool sales and related concerns.

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