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Shop Equipment Calgary

Shop Equipment Calgary

Automotive and Industrial Equipment in Calgary

As a long-standing pillar in the Calgary community since 1968, Keller Equipment Supply Ltd. has been the backbone for many businesses requiring automotive shop equipment and industrial shop equipment. Our dedication to offering the finest tools, machinery, and services has made us a trusted name in the industry.

Tools and Machinery for Every Need

Our extensive inventory includes a wide array of tools and machinery for shops, tailored to meet the diverse needs of our clients. Whether you’re looking for the basics or more specialized equipment, our team is committed to guiding you to the right solution.

Calgary’s Premier Equipment Suppliers

Being one of the leading equipment suppliers in Calgary, we pride ourselves on our ability to provide not just products, but solutions that enhance operational efficiency and safety. Our partnerships with top manufacturers ensure access to the latest innovations in shop equipment.

Rental and Sales Options

Understanding the varying needs of our clients, we offer flexible shop equipment rentals and sales. This flexibility allows businesses of all sizes to access high-quality equipment, regardless of their budget constraints or project duration.

Maintenance, Repair, and Installation Services

Keller Equipment Supply goes beyond just supplying equipment. We offer comprehensive shop equipment maintenance and repair in Calgary, ensuring your investments are always in top working condition. Additionally, our shop equipment installation services in Calgary are executed by skilled professionals, guaranteeing optimal setup and functionality.

Specialty Shop Equipment

Our expertise also extends to specialty shop equipment in Calgary. From bespoke petroleum equipment solutions to emergency backup fueling systems, our tailored services cater to the specific requirements of your operation.

Financing Options for Equipment Purchases

We believe financial constraints should not hinder your ability to access the best equipment. Therefore, Keller Equipment Supply offers diverse shop equipment financing options through Questor Financial Corp and Pathways Financial Services. These partnerships are designed to empower businesses to invest in their growth by easing the financial burden of acquiring new equipment.

Why Choose Keller Equipment Supply?

With more than five decades of experience, we understand the challenges and advancements within the industry. Our role as a trusted advisor and preferred distributor partner in Western Canada is a testament to our commitment to excellence. Led by President Brad Egeland, our team strives to deliver exemplary service and innovative solutions that keep your operations running smoothly.

At Keller Equipment Supply, we’re not just a supplier; we’re your partner in success. Contact us today to learn how we can assist with your shop equipment needs in Calgary and beyond.

Shop Equipment Calgary

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