Keller Equipment Supply – Generator Fueling Equipment

Leak Detection

Keller Equipment carries multiple equipment solutions used to monitor and detect leaks in annular/interstitial space of a double-wall above ground containment tank (AST's).

Fuel Oil Pumps and Controls

Albany Pumps innovative compact design meets the standard for emergency diesel generator facilities as well as dual fuel fired boiler facilities.

Fuel Oil Polishing and Filtration

From AXI's Fuel Management System to Facet's compact VF-21SB find the right equipment to ensure optimal fuel quality through filtration and polishing.

Fuel Oil Level Monitoring

From the EVO Series to the SiteSentinel Integra, ATGs provide highly accurate inventory management and containment monitoring for a wide range of fuel systems.

Fuel Oil Accessories

Fuel oil specialty devices from overfill valves, emergency shut-off, anti-siphon, and more for specific uses to complete the system. Most carry a UL approval for use with fuel oil.

Fuel Oil Piping

Learn about the world's leading manufacturer of petroleum handling equipment. A completely integrated underground fuel transfer and containment system.

Remote Fill Spill Containment

Find a fill box that provides containment of small spills during tank filling operations.

Fuel Oil
Storage Tanks

Containment Solutions has a complete range of underground petroleum tanks. And Keller works with a number of aboveground tank manufacturers depending on the requirement.

Sample Fuel
Transfer System

Keller Equipment Supply can provide a full system of equipment, view a sample of fuel transfer systems here.


Download the latest Keller Equipment Supply generator fueling literature. Contact your local Keller representative for details on pricing.