Generator Fuelling – Fuel Oil Polishing and Filtration

Fuel Oil Polishing and Filtration

AXI International

STS 6004 Fuel Maintenance System
The STS 6000 SX-F Intelligent Fuel Management System is an enclosed system designed to optimize and maintain diesel fuel indefinitely. Adding an STS 6000 SX-F system will remove particulate, separate water, and condition stored fuel.

The key to ensuring optimal fuel quality requires the removal and prevention of fuel contamination through filtration, the separation and removal of both free and emulsified water, and the conditioning of fuel to reduce the size of particulate clusters.  All of these processes together, configured in a kidney loop fashion to maximize the amount of fuel being polished, is exceptionally executed utilizing an AXI Intelligent Fuel Management System.

The STS 6004 Intelligent Fuel Management System is an enclosed system designed to optimize and maintain diesel fuel indefinitely. Our innovative fuel polishing process stabilizes diesel and bio-fuels, eliminates microbial contamination, and ensures clean reliable fuel at all times.  Ideal applications for STS 6004 systems include main power generators, standby/emergency backup generators, and bulk fuel storage.

Facet Filtration Group

Facet VF-21SB & VF-22SB
The Facet VF-21SB & VF-22SB are versatile, compact, economical, lightweight housings for superior in-line filtration protection. These housings utilize the same elements as previous Series 21 & 22 housings, but offer the benefit of a quick open swing bolt type close along with a new optional mounting bracket for installation. Depending on the type of cartridge selected, the housing may be used as a filter, absorptive filter, filter separator or air/gas entrainment separator to remove solids, water, mist, or hydrocarbon carryover.

Parker Racor

Fuel Filter Water Separator Turbine Series
The Parker Racor Fuel Filter Water Separator Turbine Series is the most trusted line of fuel filter water separators on the market. The assembly’s three-stage filtration system effectively removes water and particulates from fuel, providing maximum protection of diesel engine components in applications where reliability is critical.

To meet the unique requirements of customer’s engines, Racor Turbine Series fuel filter water separators are available in a wide range of configurations. All models utilize Racor’s proprietary Aquabloc® filtration elements. Aquabloc® is a unique engineered media that incorporates pleat-spacing corrugations and a graduated pore structure to increase dirt-holding capacity and extend filter life. The media is waterproof and rustproof, capturing contaminants while the specially treated surface separates and coalesces water from the fuel; causing the water to gather into large droplets that then fall into the clear collection bowl.

Aquabloc® elements are available in three different ratings, including:

  • 30 micron (98%@30 micron) – Ideally suited as a pre-filter to protect downstream filters from excessive contamination. Extends the life of on engine filters.
  • 10 micron (98%@10 micron) - Captures more contaminants than 30 micron elements, and more effective at stopping water. Extends the life of the entire fuel system. Most popular choice.
  • “2” micron (98%@4 microns) – Maximum water removal and filtration, capable of protecting all modern injection systems while greatly extending the life of difficult-to-service on-engine filters.