Sensing Cables

TraceTek TT5000 sensing cable detects the presence of liquid hydrocarbon fuels at any point along its length, yet does not react to the presence of water. Installed with a TraceTek alarm and locating module, the cable senses the liquid, triggers an alarm, and pinpoints the location of the leak.

Distributed Sensing
TT5000 sensing cable provides distributed leak detection and location for a wide range of applications. The cable is available in a variety of lengths to provide as much coverage as needed.

Design Flexibility
TT5000 sensing cable is available in bulk reels, with connector kits or with factory-installed connectors that plug together.

The TTA-SIM has been designed for use with TraceTek sensing cables, point sensors and normally open, dry contact devices (float switch, pressure or vacuum switch, optical probe with adapter, limit switch, etc.). Up to 150 m (500 ft) of sensor cable can be monitored by the TTA-SIM.

When liquid is detected, the unit indicates the leak with an LED and audible alarm and switches a relay to provide local voltage-free contact closure. The leak location is measured and can be communicated to a host monitoring system. With the TTA-SIM-2 option, the leak location is displayed on a built-in LCD readout. No field calibration is required.

The TTA-SIM can be used as a stand-alone leak detection alarm unit, or it can be installed in networks with other TraceTek TTASIM, TTSIM, TT-NRM or TTDM-128 modules. The TTA-SIM can be configured using a Microsoft Windows™ based PC or a TraceTek TTDM-128 network master module.

Design Features

  • Rugged polycarbonate enclosure for tough environments.
  • 60 dB Audible alarm with a silence button.
  • Voltage-free contacts for alarm signaling.
  • LED’s to indicate power, leak, cable trouble, and communication status.
  • Optional LCD leak location display.
  • Simple twisted shielded pair serial RS-485 communications using. a variety of communication protocols (protocol selection is automatic).
  • Available for 120 or 230 Vac 50/60 Hz power supply.
  • Relay software selectable for normally energized or normally de-energized operation.

Alarm Panels

The Ktech Model AL101-1 Audible Visual Level Overfill Alarm accepts a switch contact input and provides an audible alarm signal when the external contact is closed. A red lighted push-button provides the visual alarm indication. The push-button is a momentary switch that, when pressed, mutes the buzzer. The red light remains on until the alarm condition is corrected. The alarm circuit resets automatically. It must be mounted in a non-hazardous location. Use Ktech float switches for the alarm input contacts.

Ktech Model AL101-1 Audible Visual Level Overfill Alarm Applications:

  • Overfill protection
  • Inventory Control
  • Leak detection

Ktech Model AL101-1 Audible Visual Level Overfill Alarm Electrical Specifications:

  • 120 VAC, 60 Hz, 85 mA
  • Switch input at terminals 4 & 5
  • Buzzer — 95 dB @ 1 feet.

The Model AL201-1 is a weatherproof alarm panel. It must be mounted in a non-hazardous location. The white pilot light indicates the 120 VAC power. The test toggle-switch is a momentary switch that turns on the red light and the horn when pushed up. The red pilot lights provide the visual alarm indication for the alarm contact. The mute toggle-switch is a momentary switch that mutes the horn for the alarm input when pushed down. The red light remains on until the alarm condition is corrected. The alarm circuit resets automatically. Use a Ktech float switch for the alarm input contact.

Model AL201-1 Electrical Specifications

  • 120VAC, 60 Hz, 250 mA
  • Switch inputs at terminals 3&4
  • Horn – 95 dB @ 10 feet.

Sensor Alarm Console

The INCON™ brand S940 sensor alarm console is a cost-effective solution for tank overfill protection and sensor leak detection needs. This easy-to-install-and-operate device monitors up to four tanks, containment sumps or interstitial spaces and provides an audible and visual indication of an alarm condition. Two programmable relay outputs are included to sound an external alarm or send a signal to a building control or monitoring system. The weather proof enclosure allows the S940 sensor alarm console to be conveniently installed indoors or out.


  • Monitors up to 4 sensors for overfill or leak detection.
  • Simple to install and configure.
  • Can be installed indoors or outdoors.
  • Cost effective leak detection or overfill solution.
  • Connect to remote alarms or external devices.
  • Compatible Franklin Fueling Systems 2-wire sensors:
    • TSP-ULS universal liquid sensor
    • TSP-HLS high-level sensor
    • TSP-HFS horizontal float switch
    • TSP-UHS universal hydrostatic sensor

Sensor Alarm Console

The Leak Type K Gauge is a reliable, vertical type leak monitor used for detecting leaks in the annular/interstitial space of a double wall above ground containment tank (AST’s). Its simple mechanical design promotes durability, minimal upkeep, quick installation, and easy/inexpensive repairs.

This interstitial monitor is custom made in house to fit your tank. We can accommodate any size tank from 6 inches to 170 inches in depth.

If you have a monitoring pipe or have a threaded fitting at the top of the interstitial space on a double wall containment tank, this monitor will thread right in. Any liquid seeping into the containment space will cause the float to rise which will provide a visual indication on top of the tank that there is liquid in the interstitial containment area.

Standard materials include an HDPE float, aluminum rods, aluminum bushing, and plastic calibration.  Alternative materials of construction such as plastic and stainless are available upon request. However, leak detection gauges made of custom materials have smaller size limitations.

Product Update:  In order to achieve enough buoyancy in the past, we used a coated cork float on our larger Leak Gauges.  As of August 2015, we have a newly designed oversized plastic float that has replaced all cork floats that were being used on Leak Gauges.


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