Generator Fuelling – Fuel Oil Pumps and Controls

Fuel Oil Pumps and Controls

Albany Pump

Duplex Fuel Oil Systems Design
The Albany FO Series Simplex and Duplex Pump Sets are designed for emergency diesel generator facilities as well as dual fuel fired boiler facilities.

Its innovative compact design has a minimal footprint while delivering 1 to 150 GPM of fuel to serve emergency generators and boilers.

The mechanical design integrates the Albany ‘G’ and ‘H’ Series positive displacement Helical Gear pumps, and the Albany ‘BS’ Series Basket Strainer.

The assembly is complete with check valves, ball valves, liquid filled pressure gauges and compound suction vacuum gauges, relief valves, pressure switch, heavy duty schedule 80 piping, and flexible hose assembly. The unit is mounted on an integral containment with leak detection monitoring.


Viking Pump

Duplex Fuel Oil Packages
Viking offers complete packaged duplex fuel skids that can be custom built to order.


  • Compact integrated system that allows you mounting flexibility
  • Reliable fuel delivery with plumbed-and-wired standby pump
  • Alternate pumps automatically minimize run time on any one pump
  • Proven, factory manufactured sets built custom to your order
  • UL-CSA electrical control panels
  • Quick access comparison sheets, specification sheets and illustration drawings
  • Easily requested CAD submittal drawings

Markets and Applications:

  • Fueling diesel generators for backup electrical power generation
  • Boosting low pressure fuel oil on oil-fired boilers and oil-fired furnaces
  • Fuel oil transfer from storage to day tank
  • Typical Applications: Emergency Generators, Turbine Generators, Boilers