FlexWork Piping

The Industry’s First Plug & Play Underground Fueling System

The patented OPW Loop System™, represents the state of the art in a completely integrated, environmentally secure underground fuel delivery system. The system, by design, employs pre-fabricated, factory assembled components, translating into dramatically less field labor and lower associated cost and potential for installation errors.

The installed product preserves total underground access to all piping connections, piping runs and containment sumps for hassle-free inspection, maintenance or repair without ever having to excavate or even remove a dispenser. The Loop System™ incorporates field-proven OPW technology into a simplified, completely integrated piping system design that facilitates easy inspection, identification and repair of any problem that may develop and enhances the capability for leak prevention.

Features and Benefits

  • Increased Pipe Flexibility – the force required to bend the pipe has been reduced to facilitate piping layout. This makes installation quicker and easier, especially in cold weather.
  • Pipe Weight – has been reduced to facilitate shipping and handling
  • Pipe Memory – Inherent pipe memory has been reduced significantly to facilitate connection of pipes inside sumps
  • Redesigned Profile – enhanced leak detection performance
  • Enhanced Kynar Pipe Liner – fluoropolymer chemical structure makes it dense and permeation resistant

Brugg Pipes

BRUGG Pipesystems has changed the way fuel piping is installed in floating dock marinas. Using our FLEXWELL-HL double wall stainless steel pipe, we eliminated any connections above water. In many cases, pipe runs are “home runs” from tank to dispenser. To achieve this leading approach in marina fuel piping, BRUGG utilizes the inherent flexibility of the pipe to compensate for the tidal change that occurs in floating dock marinas. Through several unique designs, BRUGG has designed and installed systems with tides up to 17 feet.

SECON-X is a competitively priced, double-wall, UL/ULC approved pipe consisting of a seamless, helically corrugated stainless steel primary pipe and a PE/PA composite secondary pipe. As a double-wall pipe its primary use is for petroleum products and hazardous chemicals that require monitoring of the interstitial space for leak protection. The SECON-X pipe is UV protected, which makes it also an ideal above ground or combination of below/above group pipe without requiring a transition sump. The pipe is easy to handle and install and environmentally safe. It is manufactured in “endless” lengths, which eliminates connections (potential leak points) between beginning and end.

NIROFLEX is a moderately priced, single-wall carrier pipe made of seamless, helically corrugated stainless steel with a PE jacket. One of the primary uses of this pipe is DEF and other below ground applications, where UL approval is not required. the fact that the PE jacket is UV protected makes this pipe also ideal for above ground installations. This pipe is easy to handle and install. It is manufactured in “endless” lengths, which eliminates connections (potential leak points) between beginning and end.

NOV Fiber Glass Systems

Fiber Glass Systems is the market leader for underground fuel piping systems with almost 50 years of continuous supply of UL Listed products. Red Thread IIA piping is reliable and never been removed because of thus there are no reinstall costs. Our products are designed to meet governmental environmental regulations including EPA.

Advanced performance capabilities of DUALOY 3000/LCX offer a substantial cost control, and most importantly meet the safety and compliance needs. The unique coaxial construction of DUALOY 3000/LCX offers many features and makes this fiberglass pipe the best value in corrosion resistant piping solutions. High strength and stiffness make DUALOY 3000/LCX virtually indestructible, offering predictable and reliable performance. Its compact design allows less trenching and takes less warehouse space.

Dualoy 3000/L piping systems are made of fiberglass reinforced, aromatic amine cured, rigid, thermosetting epoxy resin. This pipe is manufactured using a unique process where a continuous cylinder is generated with the fibers oriented more near the circumferential and axial directions than with the reciprocal process. Dualoy 3000/L also includes a pure resin liner.


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