Fuel Management Systems

The transportation sector has undergone a lot of changes over the past years. However, one thing remains the same – fuel management is still a misery for most fleet managers. The cost of freights significantly increases when the costs of fuel increase. The high cost of logistics, in turn, leads to increases in customer rates, product cost inflation, and underserving routes. Fortunately, fuel management solutions allow you to reduce the costs of fuel.

Why Having Fuel Management Systems Matters

Fuel management systems provide fleet managers with up-to-date, detailed data on exactly how your vehicles and drivers are performing, and this, in turn, helps you to substantially reduce the cost of fuel and increase productivity. Automated fuel management systems also help you limit access to your fuel dispensers, manage your fuel costs and create reports on the overall fuel usage. Keller Equipment Supply can help you design and install fuel management systems that allow you to:

  • Prevent and discourage theft of fuel products
  • Control access by using pin numbers or key cards.
  • View reporting and analyze data
  • Swiftly add or remove user privileges
  • Manage fleets of vehicles and multiple fuel sites
  • Tank gauging and security purpose

At Keller Equipment Supply, we can customize our fuel management systems to fit the specific needs of your company.

Fuel Management Systems Reviews

Due to our position in the industry, Keller Equipment Supply has supplier agreements with the top petroleum equipment manufacturers available on the market. Here is a review of some of the card systems we offer that can help you reduce fuel usage.

OPW Card Systems

This is one of the best petroleum card systems available on the market. The sleek and easy-to-operate card system has an all-in-one insert style and alpha entry that is designed for maximum payment flexibility. This fuel management system offers a secure EMV that can be processed directly from the terminal, thus eliminating POS from the scope. With the variety of options available, this system is one of the most inclusive card solutions for fuel management systems.


This system is equipped with electronic control unit and an oval flow meter that gives room for the management of multi-user consumption. The card’s local memory gathers the last dispensing operations, and the system interface allows you to organize and export the information. To monitor consumption more effectively, you can enter the vehicle mileage, code, and date of dispensing. The system also has magnetic user keys that allow fleet managers to identify who dispenses the fuel.

CardMaster's CMII

Managers operating large fleets can benefit from the attractive rates for this card system. And it serves as a data point you can use to attribute, estimate and analyze fuel costs across the board. CardMaster's CMII responds to both a magnetic car swipe and keyboard entry. It has the capability to control more than one device and has features not available in higher costs fuel card systems.

For more information about our fuel management systems, schedule a consultation today to learn how Keller Equipment Supply products and services can help you.

Fuel Management Systems

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