Fuel Transfer Pumps Alberta

Whether you care for the environment or just have the desire to simplify fuel transference processes, getting fuel transfer pumps in Alberta is the smartest call.

In Keller, you’ll find one of the largest fuel transfer pumps suppliers in the country, where you’ll also get to know some of the greatest oil transfer pumps experts in the industry.

However, there might be some doubts about the utilization of this kind of mechanism, especially relatively new ones like diesel transfer pumps. Don’t worry! We’ve prepared a quick guide about how these products work. And keep in mind that at Keller you’ll be able to get the model you like the most!

Why use a fuel transfer pump?

Most obviously, the use of a fuel transfer pump helps transfer fuel from one container to another. This has its own inherent benefits. Manual siphoning is not practical in many cases and large containers cannot be easily lifted to channel liquids into smaller containers. In these cases, a fuel pump is a definite necessity.

However, there is another important factor that many people overlook. The use of a fuel pump also limits your exposure. Liquid gasoline is actually a combination of more than 150 hydrocarbons, kerosene, and alkenes, among other compounds.

Gasoline vapors actually have a different combination, although they come from the same product. Gasoline vapor emits a large amount all around it, making it a problem on both large and small scales. Globally, these hydrocarbons cause increased greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to ozone depletion.

Health issues associated with fuel transfers

Regular inhalation of volatile compounds found largely in gas vapor leads to an increased risk of tumors, as many of these compounds are carcinogenic. Gasoline and its vapors are also associated with many other negative health risks to humans. Oxidative stress has been observed in subjects who were regularly exposed to gasoline vapors.

In a study determining the long-term health effects of gasoline vapor inhalation, a team of researchers exposed subjects to daily doses of ambient gasoline vapor. At the end of 11 weeks, blood samples were analyzed to determine the effect gasoline had on the body.

The team’s findings indicated that gasoline reduced the amount of normal weight gain that occurred in the test subjects. It was also associated with a reduction in healthy red blood cells and an increase in red blood cells that were malformed or malfunctioning. Gasoline inhalation was also associated with an increase in bone marrow abnormalities.

Moreover, the use of a fuel transfer pump and its accessories can easily be employed to reduce the expulsion of gasoline vapors and limit their release into the environment. Therefore, on top of reducing health issues, it also reduces carbon emissions!

As you can see, acquiring great quality fuel pumps is a must nowadays, which is why looking after the best fuel transfer pumps manufacturers in the country becomes a priority. Luckily for you, Keller is here for you! Contact our team and find the best products at the best prices.

Fuel Transfer Pumps Alberta

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