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At Keller Equipment Supply, we live and breathe heavy duty equipment tools. We offer a wide range of industrial equipment, and that is why when companies need new equipment, they turn to us. Continue reading to learn a little more about Keller Equipment Supply and contact us to request a quote or ask a question about our products and services for your business.

Excellence Customer Service

What Keller Equipment Supply does here is very simple. We provide our customers with unmatched service while offering the best quality products. The company strives by treating our customers the way we want to be treated, and it has made them trust us and the work we do. We work with our customers to make sure their individual needs are met, and our experience and expertise help us add to their success.

Partner With Top Manufacturers

As a shop tools and equipment supplier, the company worked hard to align our business with leading industrial manufacturers who make tools and equipment for a wide variety of industries. This partnership is vital because it helps us build the trust that we have with our customers. Keller Equipment Supply also understands that support from producers is just as important as the equipment and tools they offer.

Deliver the Best Products

With access to tons of tools and equipment from our trusted partners, Keller Equipment Supply finds the best solution for your tools and equipment needs. We match our customers’ business needs with the best shop equipment from our producers. Plus, we set up quality control points and inspect each production process with strict standards. Our professional team also implements the onsite check before delivery.


Keller Equipment Supply can help you get the shop equipment Calgary you need when preserving your cash flow at the same time. Pathways Financial Services is the leading provider of heavy duty equipment financing, and they finance almost all the retail and commercial equipment. Their customer focus and industry knowledge ensure the creation of financial solutions that meet your individual needs and help your business. Inquire through our Calgary branch about your next purchase.


Our experience and expertise have earned us a reputation for trustworthy transactions. Over the years, we have built a firm network of stakeholders, from our customers to manufacturers. Since 1968, Keller Equipment Supply has continued to grow in strength and build up an endless list of happy customers with whom we have relationships of mutual respect and support. That is over five decades – and counting – of great service.


As a global supplier, Keller Equipment Supply has developed a long-lasting relationship with manufacturers by removing needless costs in order to offer the lowest possible prices to the customer. We also strive to provide our customers with quality shop and wheel service equipment at a cost-effective price.

Shop Equipment Calgary

When you choose to get your shop equipment, including lifts and hoists, from Keller Equipment Supply, you are choosing to work with a leading supplier on the market. Contact us today for more information about heavy duty tool sales.

Shop Equipment Calgary

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