Fuel Transfer Pumps Saskatoon

The fuel pump transfers fuel from one location to the next, from the underground storage tank to the vehicle. There are a variety of fuel pumps with different traits depending on their application, so you should be able to find something that matches your needs. An example is some transfer pumps are needed for construction sites, while others are great for vehicles and tractors.

Benefits of our fuel transfer pump

More efficiency

The diesel transfer fuel pump improves efficiency because it saves you the energy and time to transfer the fuel manually. The pump reduces the amount of time spent doing all the work, so you should transfer more fuel for more users and applications.

Reduce wastage

The oil transfer pumps collect fuel from one source and move it to the truck or tank. We have a variety of fuel pumps, including manual and electric ones, so you can reduce the spill and fill up your vehicle as fast as possible.

Measure fuel

Transferring fuel is not only tedious; it can be an inaccurate job when you do not know the exact calibrations of each transfer. A typical fuel pump will have gallons for measuring the fuel, so you know how much you are transferring with each pumping project.

Types of fuel transfer pumps


These are old traditional pumps that surprisingly still exist and work more cost-effectively. The manual pump pumps fuel through the nozzle to pass fuel through a hose to the target area.

Electric pump

The electric pump uses electricity and is the better option because it is simpler and has more energy to pump more fuel. A gas pump with an electric pump fuel will have a lot more to profit because it can pump more fuel in a commercial setting.

Choosing a fuel pump

Different fuel pumps and accessories have different sizes and ways of pumping fuel. The best way to choose one from fuel transfer pumps suppliers is to consider the following factors:

  • The horsepower should have a strong fuel pump to manage the fuel flow and increase the volume needed to maintain the power. A good one will have a couple of horsepower levels for each gallon volume.
  • The engine’s fuel pressure should be between 4 and 7 to flow at the correct pressure and maintain the volume to transfer at each juncture.
  • The voltage of the fuel pump when the engine is running to match the alternator’s voltage

Other considerations

Fuel transfer pumps in Saskatoon can be mounted on the truck or trailer for versatility and ease of use. Consider the application to choose a mounting style that is most convenient for your fuel dispensing needs.

Reasons to choose our fuel transfer pumps.

The kind of fuel pump you choose depends on your application and budget, so only consider our pumps when they fit your needs. One guarantee is that our range of pumps will last a decently long time, with a decent amount of cleaning and maintenance routines.

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Fuel Transfer Pumps Saskatoon

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