Fleet Management Systems Calgary

It can be extremely difficult to manage a fleet of vehicles from an operational to cost perspective. Besides, when it comes to daily shipping operations, many businesses often lack visibility. In fact, it has been shown that fleets waste about 5-10 percent of their annual budget. Fortunately, fleet management is vital to the overall success of most companies. To reduce transportation complexities and costs, many companies are turning to fleet management solutions.

Fleet management services involve the management of vehicles that are used for transportation and delivery. It gives managers vital performance metrics, gain real-time insights and allow them to leverage these tools to help them make important business decisions.

How Does The Fleet Management System Work?

The software uses a small telematics device connected to the onboard diagnostics port of the vehicle. While there are different modes of installations, many fleet management systems are “plug and play” and do not need a mechanic. The telematics device gathers vehicle data such as the vehicle’s real-time location, speed, distance traveled, fuel usage, rapid acceleration, vehicle fault codes, etc.

All the data gathered are then sent to an online fleet management dashboard, where it is organized in a way that you can use you make an informed decision. In addition, some fleet management services have a mobile application that helps facilitate driver productivity. The device sends information to the mobile device through a cellular connection, USB, and Bluetooth, thus allowing you to manage your fleet operations remotely.

Benefits of Fleet Management

Fleet management services help companies save time, money, and liability. Fleet management can help your business automate many repetitive and manual tasks. Due to this, it may reduce operating costs and administrative burdens. For instance, fleet management helps you eliminate the need to call your drivers for status updates or ETAs and job details.

Another significant benefit of a fleet management system is that you can move resources from vehicle management to another important part of your business. Also, accidents are always a risk for fleet managers. Fortunately, fleet management systems can help in some ways, such as helping you record the past driving history of your driver and distinguish the best performing driver from the worst.

Who Uses a Fleet Management System?

Fleet tracking systems are used in several different industries like local delivery, field services, trucking, oil and gas, construction, and passenger transit. Any industry that commercial vehicles are part of their workforce can benefit significantly from fleet management systems – from small businesses to large global organizations.

With these businesses and industries, fleet management systems are used for a wide range of job functions, including safety managers, business owners, dispatchers, and fleet managers. Having said that, fleet management systems are generally used by fleet managers.

Choosing A Fleet Management Company Calgary

At Keller Equipment Supply, we provide world-class Calgary fleet management solutions that allow companies with fleet vehicles, commercial truck fleets, and light-duty vehicles to effectively manage their fleets. As we provide a suite of fleet management systems Calgary that span the total fleet lifecycle. Contact us today for more details.

Fleet Management Systems Calgary

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