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Tire Changer and Balancers

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Tire Changer
From the fully-automatic Revolution tire changer to the TCX family of table-top tire changing equipment, Hunter has your tire changing equipment needs covered. Hunter Engineering is the producer of the world’s leading tire changers. Whether you are looking for a conventional table-top tire changer or a center-clamp tire changer, Hunter has a tire changer to fit your needs.


The Hunter TCX625HD heavy-duty truck tire changer combines compact size with a unique mount/demount roller mechanism making it a high-performance tire changing machine. The TCX625HD Tire Changer is optimized for servicing of heavy-duty, over-the-road truck assemblies. This truck tire changer allows for fast and easy demounting and mounting in as little as 30 seconds. Safety is a standard feature of this heavy duty tire changer, which functions close to the ground with no hammers, bars or lifting required. It’s the perfect tire changing machine for specialty wheel assemblies, complete with a standard hook attachment to mount and demount tubed, sharp edge and more wheel types.


The Hunter TCX640HD is an efficient electro-hydraulic-powered heavy duty tire changer that combines a range of unique features and capabilities to make wheel service for trucks, buses, tractors and other specialized machinery faster, easier and more profitable. This tire changing machine can do it all. The exclusive operator-friendly features of the TCX640HD Tire Changer make operation safe and simple. This truck tire changer features standard disk and hooks for mounting and demounting, hydraulic-powered carriage shuttles and integrated storage. This powerful tire changing machine also has a 3527-lb capacity, and is incredibly efficient, running its power pump only when the heavy duty tire changer is in use.

Hunter Engineering Company

WinAlign HD
Heavy Duty customers can now diagnose tire wear conditions in 1/3 of the time. New technology from Hunter Engineering provides accurate, 3-axle wheel alignment readings in just 3 minutes.


  • Hunters new DSP760T heavy duty alignment sensors reduce setup time and provide accurate alignment readings
  • Rolling compensation: No jacking required, compensates all sensors at once, short roll comp
  • Six sensors live: three axles live, see all measurements at once, diagnose tire wear conditions
  • Reduce set up time through minimal sensor movement
  • Auto-locking plates
  • Built-in turn-plate bridges for rolling comp
  • Trailer alignment without unhooking from the tractor, align using optional kingpin adapter without the tractor, accurate to 600 inches.


The Hunter PT200 heavy-duty alignment system includes all the essential features needed to perform fast, accurate alignments on trucks, buses, RVs and other heavy-duty vehicles.

Our patented truck alignment system utilizes our ProAlign 2 HD software, providing users with a powerful tool to reduce alignment times and increase productivity.

Our PT200 Truck Wheel Aligner utilizes patented DSP700T sensors, providing cordless operation and Pro-Comp compensation to ensure accurate measurements even if wheels rotate after compensation.

Hunter Engineering Company

Force Match HD
ForceMatch® HD is a heavy-duty bus and truck wheel balancer featuring fully diagnostic capabilities designed to solve vibration issues.


  • HD balancer quickly measures run out with every balance Roller detects a high spot of tire and lows matching
  • Measures entire contact patch for accurate results
  • Bottom dead center laser speeds tape weight placement improves accuracy
  • Printer option, prints service reports
  • Patented – Smart Weight, maximize productivity, minimizes weight usage, a better overall balance
  • Patented – Centering Check, Balancer will confirm the wheel is properly centered before you proceed
  • Concise TPMS information for passenger care service