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Air Curtains
An AIR CURTAIN is the ONLY door that is both open and closed at the same time, even sealing itself around penetrating objects. It forms a wall of high velocity air to separate areas of pressure or temperature differential.

Standard Features

Specialized air flow design

  • The unique AES full-size internal plenum provides a more even flow of air over the full width of the air curtain providing better airflow between blowers
  • Extruded aerofin discharge vanes laminate airflow and increase efficiency
  • Multiple sections of discharge vanes provide infinite adjustment of air flow


  • Vibration dampening couplings between each blower for ease of maintenance
  • Removable front grills allow for easy maintenance access

Additional technical features

  • Solid uni-frame construction ensures ease of installation and absolute rigidity of structure to 32 feet in width
  • Easy installation by threaded rod hanging or bracket support
  • Totally enclosed (TEFC) motors reduce maintenance requirements and provide longer life

Custom designed applications for every environment

  • Rolling Drain Cart
  • LED Lighting
  • Hydraulic, Pneumatic & Electrical Systems Pre-Installed
  • Grated Walkways
  • Gel Coat Finish
  • Storage Alcoves
  • Safety Bay Covers
  • Ventilation System