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OPW - Manholes

Complete Cover Assemblies
Fibrelite offers the retail petroleum industry’s leading watertight, easy to remove, non-bolted composite manhole covers in a large selection of shapes and sizes. From general tank sump access to multiport and single port fill sump applications to interstitial sumps and monitoring wells, Fibrelite has every application covered. Multiple colors are available – Contact OPW Customer Service for pricing, availability, and lead times

Matador Composite Cover

Gain independence from heavy steel covers with this all-new composite cover. OPW engineered the Matador with next generation composite technology to make it the lightest cover in the industry, and priced it to compete with any cover on the market for use at petroleum retail operations, in addition to use for commercial and industrial driveway applications.

Available in 37" and 42" options, the Matador Composite Cover is lightweight, water resistant and extremely durable. Standout features include a steel frame, stainless steel recessed lift handle and a polyethylene skirt with a flair that prevents corrosion and rust. The lightweight design and slip-resistant tread pattern helps to prevent the risk of back, foot and hand injuries. The Matador makes sump accessibility safer and easier than ever before.

Conquistador Plus Composite Cover Manholes

Lightweight and extremely durable, composite cover manholes make sump accessibility safer and easier than ever before. Designed for use in many service station, commercial and industrial driveway applications, these manholes offer a wide variety of features to ensure the ultimate in user-friendly convenience and long-lasting performance. The Conquistador™ Duratuff® helps put an end to the risk of back, foot and hand injuries with a slip-resistant tread pattern and lightweight, low-profile construction for easier and safer access to tank sumps and other underground equipment.

OPW - Valves and Spill Containers

1-2105 Series Slip-On Spill Containers
OPW Slip-On Spill Containment Manholes are used on new or existing UST riser pipes. The spill bucket slides onto 3" or 4" fill and vapor return riser pipes and is then secured in place. Slip-on spill containers provide a fast, economical way to replace uncontained manholes or fill boxes.

 71SO Overfill Prevention Valve
The CARB-certified OPW 71SO vapor-tight Overfill Prevention Valve is designed to prevent the overfill of underground storage tanks by providing a positive shut-off of product delivery. The shut-off valve is an integral part of the drop tube used for gravity filling. The OPW 71SO allows easy installation (without breaking concrete) and requires no special manholes.

If the delivery is not stopped and the liquid rises to about 98% of tank capacity, the bypass valve closes completely. No additional liquid can flow into the tank until the level drops below a reset point.

10 Plus Series Emergency Shut-Off Valves
OPW raised the protection standard in emergency valves when it introduced the first double-poppet valve back in 1989. This industry-changing OPW innovation helped to significantly reduce the risk of fire, explosion, personal injury, property damage and environmental contamination at sites around the world. Major oil companies and jobbers agreed that providing added protection for their customers, investments and the environment were the three most convincing reasons for switching to the innovative new valves.

OPW - Island Forms

Standard (Straight) Island Forms
Designed to protect gasoline dispensers, electronic equipment, kiosks, bank teller and ATM equipment, as well as to restrict or route material handling equipment in warehouses, OPW Island Forms and Protective Curbing streamline traffic flows in toll booths and quick-serve restaurants and various other commercial traffic management applications.

Straight Island Forms are designed with straight side sections to provide a convenient means of installing multiple dispensers on a single island. Straight Island Forms are also used to protect teller and ATM equipment at banks, restrict or route material handling equipment in warehouses, streamline traffic flows in toll booths and quick-serve restaurants and various other commercial traffic routing applications. Standard models are steel and stainless steel models are 304 stainless.