Submersible Turbine Pump

FE PETRO® brand submersible pumping systems set the standard by which all other fuel pumping systems are measured. With best-in-class flow rates and backed by a long history of dependability, FE PETRO® pumps are responsible for delivering fuel to thousands of customers around the globe, day in and day out.

The Performance Leader
Unique features like variable speed technology and the MagShell™ design found only on FE PETRO® pumps deliver the industry’s best-in-class flow rates.

Dependability & Reliability
A pump has to be reliable, it has to be safe, and it has to perform. That’s why thousands of station owners around the world have trusted FE PETRO® pumps and the Franklin Electric motors that drive them to keep their business flowing for over 25 years.

Safe Servicing
The rock-solid design of FE PETRO® pumps has remained virtually unchanged since day one, meaning we can, and still do, service our pumps installed since 1988 with maintenance safeguard features and full backward compatibility.

High Flow Rates
A 4 hp variable speed STP with MagShell® provides the highest flow rates of any single 4″ submersible pump available on the market today.

Outlast, Outperform
With an all stainless steel shell construction powered by the legendary Franklin Electric motor, MagShell® equipped STPs are built for maximum uptime and long term performance backed by a proven track record that spans more than four decades.

Expanded Flow
Available on FE PETRO® 2 Hp and 4 Hp models, the MagShell® provides an expanded flow area, creating significantly higher flow rates equivalent to having one more nozzle open during peak operating times.

Submersible Pump Controllers

PROTECTION & EFFICIENCY. Run your entire business as efficiently as possible by networking an INCON™ brand fuel management system together with FE Petro™ brand intelligent pump controllers via Turbine Pump Interface. Turbine Pump Interface provides additional protection to your pumping system while also maximizing uptime through fuel management capabilities. Check out these scenarios where TPI can increase efficiency and protect your business.

Higher Flow Rates
The MagVFC™ variable speed controller ramps the STP up and down as needed to provide optimal flow rates at fueling points. The result is a more consistent customer experience.

  • Faster, more consistent flow rates than fixed speed systems for higher throughput at virtually the same total cost of ownership.
  • Ramping up and down of pressure makes nozzles easier to squeeze and helps reduce overall system wear.

Variable speed pumps are controlled by the MagVFC™ variable frequency controller which provides control for both 2 Hp and 4 Hp variable speed submersible turbine pumps.

Designed to replace standard control boxes in both new and existing installations. The STP-SCI provides valuable pump protection and performance features never before offered in one economical controller.

The FE Petro dispenser hook isolation device prevents electrical feedback between dispenser hook circuits as required by most electrical codes.

The FE Petro standard single-phase control box latches line power to the submersible when the relay is energized by a dispenser signal. Compatible with FE Petro and competitive makes of single-phase, fixed speed submersible turbines up to 2 hp.


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