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The DFS Anthem UXTM user experience platform is destined to revolutionize every aspect of the customer experience. From touchscreen, wireless, recognition, media, security, contactless payment options and more — to making the fueling experience fast, easy, relevant, and even fun.

This powerful platform allows retailers to connect to their customers like never before, by engaging them with targeted advertising and media and generating intense loyalty. The Anthem UX platform, without question, is born, imagined and designed to impress. 

The Anthem UX platform is the first to give customers the ability to fine-tune their experience while also giving retailers the tools and data to maximize each customer interaction with keenly targeted advertising and promotions. This integrated, inviting experience builds loyalty, increases sales, and adds immense value to both consumer and retailer alike.


The Ovation fuel dispenser combines robust construction, sleek styling, leading payment technology, and user-friendly design, making it the smart and easy choice for your forecourt.

Loyal customers start at the pump.

When a customer has a great fueling experience — one that is clean, fast, secure, and friendly — they’re not only more likely to return, they step inside for a soda, magazine, lottery ticket, or candy bar. The Ovation fuel dispenser is easy to use and just as easy to own … it’s durable and easy to maintain while integrating flawlessly into your IT and payment systems. The Ovation fuel dispenser just might be Perfection.

Put North America’s most attractive, technologically advanced fuel dispenser to work on your forecourt, and show your customers the value of a “perfect” fueling experience.


Designed and engineered on a single global platform, Wayne Helix dispensers emphasize intelligent design, advanced technology, safety and security.

Redesigned and Reconceived

Distributor. Retailer. Technician. Motorist. No matter who you are, the new Wayne Helix line of fuel dispensers was designed for you. With features that motorists asked for, benefits that distributors, fleet owners and retailers profit from, and service technician–friendly design that make this smart line of dispensers at home anywhere in the world. After all, these dispensers were designed based on extensive user feedback from across the globe. So from the construction and installation of the dispensers to servicing and maintaining them, this line of dispensers was truly designed for you.

The Wayne Helix series fuel dispenser is a global family of products with all models sharing the same design language—a “Wayne DNA”. Wayne designed and engineered the entire Helix dispenser family on a single global platform which emphasizes intelligent design, transaction security and advanced technology.


Getting your fleet on the road quickly is crucial to your bottom line which means fueling should be as hassle-free and fast as possible. The Wayne Select Series electronic fleet fuel dispenser keeps your operation moving at a rapid pace. In a class of its own, this dispenser harnesses leading technology and combines it with durable construction to bring you high speed, dependable fueling capabilities.


Because reducing fueling time increases efficiency and productivity, the Select Series’ superior technology supports three different high flow rate series for a swift fueling experience. This means more time on the road for your vehicles. All series include island-oriented (side) or lane-oriented front nozzle configurations so you can match your specific operational requirements. See: wayne.com for Wayne’s Select Series.


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