Tank Sumps

OPW Fibrelite tank sumps function as a liquid-tight isolation container providing secondary containment for tank fittings valves, pumps and Flexworks or Fiberglass pipe fittings.

They also provide surface access to the tank itself, as well as a clean, dry environment for future service and maintenance. The height – adjustable risers to accommodate different tank bury depths.

Features & Benefits

  • Material: Fiberglass
  • Watertight – structure will not deform under water pressure
  • For depths greater than 60”, use S8CRD “deep bury” sumps or extensions.
  • Vacuum testable – during and after installation
  • Available for both new and retrofit applications
  • Sump extensions available; extend sump height by 12″ per extension


FlexWorks Dispenser Sumps/Pans from OPW Fueling Containment Systems are installed beneath fuel dispensers to provide access to, and secondary containment of, dispenser plumbing, emergency shear valves and underground piping connections.

Features & Benefits

  • Contractor-Friendly Installation – open top provides unrestricted access to the inside of the containment chamber to facilitate entry fitting and piping installation. Dispenser mounting frame is attached after plumbing is complete.
  • Deeper Burial Capability – 37″ burial depth allows piping slope requirements to be met more easily in layouts with long piping runs.
  • Simple Field Height Adjustment – the top portion of the chamber can be quickly and easily trimmed along the ribs to ensure maximum installation flexibility.
  • Full Perimeter Liquid Collection Channel – facilitates quick leak detection and allows flexibility in locating leak sensors.
  • Convenient Shipping and Storage – sump boxes are partially nestable. Two chamber sizes accept multiple frames to accommodate all common dispensers.
  • Polyethylene Top – polyethylene top will not corrode.


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