COVID-19 Update

To Our Valued Keller Customers and Supporters,

I am sure that by now you are getting inundated with letters from similar companies explaining what their contingency plans are regarding the Covid-19 Virus Pandemic.

First, we would like to assure you that we are taking this outbreak of Covid-19 very seriously. Our main focus is on safety for both our employees and yours. We have closely been monitoring government websites for guidance as well as watching what other businesses are doing in these distressing times.

In discussions with our Vendors they do not see any foreseeable interruptions with the supply of finished goods or parts. We do though, understand that access to parts of the many manufactures we represent is very important to your company’s livelihoods.

Keller has invested in purchasing extra stock at each of our branches that will ensure that your customer’s businesses will continue to operate if a vital component is required.

We have also implemented the following processes and procedures at each of the Keller branches.

  • To mitigate the possible transfer of infection, we at Keller have put into place very strict processes on cleaning and hygiene for our employees. Specific times have been allotted for cleaning personal workspaces and common areas of the businesses.
  • Keller has a locked door policy at each branch. We will cease, for the time being, the welcoming of walk-in business. 
  • All orders need to be placed via phone or email to one of our team members and picked up at a conveniently scheduled time. We are confident that this procedure will be seamless and should not have any impact on your day to day business. 
  • All courier shipments will not change.
  • Effective Nov. 24, 2020, mandatory mask requirements are in effect at Keller Equipment Supply for employees, visitors, delivery personnel and contractors.

We at Keller, like yourselves, are trying to navigate these uncharted waters and we hope our course is steady.

If you have any questions or concerns about our contingency plan, please let us know right away. We thank you for your patience, your support, and wish you and all your families the best of health always.


Brad Egeland,
President, Keller Equipment Supply