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Fuel Transfer Pumps


Fill-Rite Piston Pumps have an aluminum body with a stainless steel liner. Providing smooth, continuous transfer of medium viscosity liquids, as well as oil, gasoline and diesel fuel. Pump easily mounts to a standard drum with 2 NPT threaded tank adaptor. 20 gallons per 100 strokes. Made in the USA.

This industry standard DC pump dispenses up to 15 GPM (57 LPM). The FR1210G is ideal for pumping gas, diesel fuel and kerosene. With an amp draw that's easy on your DC power source. Explosion-proof UL/cUL listed 1/4 HP motor. The FR1210G comes complete with 12 ft. static wire hose and manual nozzle.

Professional-grade, industry-standard Fill-Rite pump has an explosion-proof motor with permanent magnet. The pump only version, features built-in check valve and strainer, Please see our full line up of meters and accessories to compliment and enhance your pump . Padlockable. UL listed. U.S.A.

This rugged, positive displacement, Heavy Duty pump is UL listed. Explosion proof UL listed 1/3 HP motor (115 VAC-60Hz) with sealed bearings, Heavy Duty switch, thermal overload protection and junction box. Carbon vanes and ceramic/carbon seals reduce wear and repair expense. Integral check valve with pressure relief on outlet side reduces pressure drop and improves vertical lift. Easy removable strainer, automatic bypass valve, 2 in. threaded bung for tank openings.

This industry standard DC pump dispenses up to 13 GPM (49 LPM). The SD1202G is ideal for pumping gas, diesel fuel and kerosene. With an amp draw that's easy on your DC power source. Explosion-proof UL/cUL listed 1/4 HP motor. The SD1202G comes complete with 10 ft. static wire hose and manual nozzle.

nextec Intelligence™ is an exclusive array of design advancements, technologies and user functionalities that take pump performance to unprecedented levels. Intelligent Tones™ inform when attention is needed. A variable speed motor automatically adjusts for peak performance with improved suction lift. More compact, lighter, and less amp draw - it sets a new standard for efficiency.


Gpro 25
When reduced fueling time is critical, the high-flow PRO25 delivers with up to 25 GPM.

  • Extended Duty Cycle exceeds the industry standard
  • Weight centering inlet base includes pressure relief and easy strainer access
  • Field replaceable switch and vanes
  • 40 amp circuit breaker motor protection
  • Extreme Temperature Series (XTS) models available

The HP-100 Dual Flo® action piston hand pump is a premium hand pump that is reliable and versatile. For high-volume fuel transfer, use the high handle position: the HP-100 generates twice the flow of any other hand pump

The M-150S is a 12 volt fuel transfer pump with proven dependability and efficiency. Many customers tell us the M-150S is the best electric fuel transfer pump on the market. Also available in 24 volt models. UL Listed Motor and CSA Certified. Overload Protected Motor for long life. Convenient Spin Collar for easy installation on select models. Comes with 12 ft of ¾ in. grounded hose. Available with automatic or manual nozzle. Suction pipe. Power cord 18 ft. x 12/2 AWG.

The M-180S 12 volt pump delivers up to 18 GPM (68 LPM). The increased flowrate reduces the time required for fuel transfer. Put this pump to work for you, it’s easy to install and easy to maintain. UL Listed and CSA Certified Motor. Comes with 12 feet of 1 inch grounded hose. Overload Protected Motor for long life. Convenient Spin Collar for easy installation. Available with either an automatic or manual nozzle. Adjustable suction pipe.

This transfer pump is built with a 1/3 horsepower motor and designed for high performance. The M-3120is the 115-volt transfer pump of choice for heavy equipment applications.

  • Use for fixed locations with low viscosity petroleum fuels.
  • Available with either manual or automatic nozzle.
  • Comes with 12 feet of 3/4 inch UL Grounded Hose.
  • Pump and motor are UL Listed to U.S. and Canadian standards.

PIUSI - DEF Equipment

The New AdBlue® Dispenser System for IBC tanks Created to ensure optimum durability and efficiency, the Piusi Three25 administers a 32.5% urea solution that is protected by our AdBlue® 3D filter which prevents the contamination of your Urea and in turn allows for an increased life of the catalyst. The Piusi Three25 features a complete, turnkey system that gives users the ability to safely dispense their AdBlue® fluids. Current market research and demands have encouraged 7 major technical and structural innovations to the PIUSI THREE25.

K24 Meter
Digital flow meters for low-viscosity fluids. Easy to install, in line or at the end of a delivery pipe, equipped with a screen that can be adjusted to various positions for easy reading. The ideal instrument for controlling fluid dispensing. Sturdy casing and a sealed electronic card make it suitable for use in practically all conditions.

DEF Rotary Hand Pump
The new stainless steel rotary hand pump certified for transferring AdBlue®. Completely developed, manufactured and certified in Italy.

It is the new Benchmark due to its:

  • Suction capacity: self-priming with easy and immediate dispensing
  • Capacity: 38 litres per 100 revolutions
  • Plus, the materials used are 100% chemically compatible with AdBlue® (directive ISO 22241)