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OPW 821 Solenoid Valve

The OPW 821 Solenoid Valve is designed to prevent accidental siphoning of aboveground storage tanks if a leak or break occurs in the fuel supply line. The 821 valve is a two-way, normally closed diaphragm valve that opens when energized to allow fuel to flow to the pump or dispenser. Available in female NPT threads.

The 82RV is designed to give thermal pressure relief to our 821 Series Solenoid Valve line. Made of all stainless steel construction with a Viton® seal, it is suitable for all petroleum products. The 82RV is precision set at the factory at 25 PSI (1.7 bar), and is field adjustable from 5 to 30 PSI (.34 to 2 bar).

OPW 21BV Full Port Two-Way Ball Valve

OPW Ball Valves are used throughout fueling systems where a shut-off point is desirable to isolate a section of the piping system. These full-port, forged brass valves feature a manual open-close arm and a quick quarter-turn handle, allowing easy shut down of your AST or UST system. Compatible with gasoline, alcohol fuels, diesel and MTBE. Available with Lockable Handle (LH).

OPW 199ASV Anti-Siphon Valve

The OPW 199ASV Anti-Siphon Valve is designed to help prevent siphoning of an aboveground storage tank should a leak or break occur in the fuel supply line. The 199ASV installs on the top of an aboveground storage tank with a suction rod on the inlet and the fuel supply line (to a remote pump) on the outlet of the valve. A poppet in the valve remains normally closed, isolating the tank from siphoning. When the remote pump is activated, it overcomes a factory-adjusted spring set to a predetermined hydrostatic head pressure and allows flow of fuel out of the AST. An internal pressure relief valve helps absorb thermal expansion in the fuel supply line. The 199ASV is available in female NPT threads with four different factory-adjusted hydrostatic head pressure settings.

OPW 178S Series External AST Emergency Shut-Off Valve

The OPW 178S Series External AST Shut-Off Valve is designed to shut off product flow from an aboveground storage tank, bulk loading rack or any place in the fuel supply line in the event of a fire. The 178S installs in-line on fuel supply piping. A fusible link attached to a spring-operated lever holds the poppet normally open. In the event of a fire, the fusible link melts at 160°F, allowing the spring-actuated poppet to shut off the flow of product in the fuel supply line. The 178S is available in 2" female NPT connections.

OPW Swing Check Valves

The OPW Swing Check Valves are designed to allow one-way product flow in fuel supply lines. OPW Swing Check Valves are installed in-line on fuel supply or transfer piping. A free-swinging poppet in the valve opens with flow of product and closes to prevent back-flow. The swing check valves can be located in either horizontal or vertical piping. The 175 is available in 2" female NPT connections. The 175B is similar to the 175 except it has an internal pressure relief valve to help absorb thermal expansion in the fuel supply or transfer line, pressure relief set at approx. 25 psi (1.7 bar). The 1175 is available in 3" female NPT connections.

23 Series Open Atmospheric Vent

Open Atmospheric Vents are installed on the top of vent pipes from underground or above ground fuel storage tanks. The vent cap and internal wire screen are designed to protect the tank vent lines against intrusion and blockage from water, debris or insects. These vents are always open to atmosphere and allow any pressure or vacuum into the tank to vent.