Utility Trailers for Sale

Utility Trailers for Sale

Owning a trailer provides endless benefits, regardless of the trailer type. Livestock farmers who’ve purchased utility trailers for sale at Vantage Trailer Sales understand the importance of a good deal. However, you don’t need to cart around livestock to take advantage of the superior sales currently offered by Vantage Trailer Sales.

The pros related to purchasing a new or used utility trailer are nearly endless. Owners will save money on rental prices, and buyers will make an investment that will pay for itself in no time. Besides a broad inventory of trailer types, customers who choose Vantage Trailer Sales will enjoy peace of mind and local financing.

Top New and Used Trailer Types at Vantage Trailer Sales

Before making a purchase, clients are encouraged to think about their specific hauling needs. Some trailers are versatile enough to handle multiple load types, but there are also trailers built exclusively for utility purposes. It is wise to learn about the trailer types to narrow down the potential options.  

  1. Utility Trailers – A utility trailer is an unpowered, wheeled trailer that can be open or enclosed. An enclosed trailer might have shelves and other storage solutions. Most utility trailers come with a tailgate and platform as standard features. These trailer types are perfect for hauling heavy equipment. Utility trailers are often made with aluminum or stainless steel, making them perfect for handling rough conditions.
  2. Livestock – Livestock trailers are for hauling large and small animals, such as horses, goats, or sheep. There are many different livestock designs, and these trailers come in all sorts of sizes. For example, gooseneck livestock trailers typically hold seven horses, but can only be pulled by a one-ton dually pickup truck. Utility trailers are easily pulled by SUVs and other medium-sized vehicles. Livestock trailers offer the best versatility, as they can haul multiple load types.
  3. Horse Trailers – Horses can be transported in livestock trailers, but horse trailers are specifically designed with equine needs in mind. Horse trailers differ from livestock trailers by offering larger sizes and full swinging rear gates that are much larger than livestock trailers. Stock trailers don’t have partitions, storage compartments, or safety padding.
  4. Dump Trailer – Dump trailers effectively haul heavy loads, but also come with a hydraulics system for dumping purposes. These trailers are versatile enough to aggregate heavy materials, while also sturdy enough to haul loads of sand. Dump trailers are ideal for construction work.
  5. Living Quarters – Living quarters trailers contain all of the amenities of a home on a smaller scale. Most living quarters provide kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom amenities. Some trailers even offer a toy hauler compartment for hauling four-wheelers or bicycles.

Purchase Utility Trailers for Sale

If you are in the market for a utility trailer for sale, there isn’t a better place to look than Vantage Trailer Sales. From preowned and new trailer sales to affordable parts and service, Vantage Trailer Sales can meet all of your trailer needs. Call 587-802-8240 to reach the Vantage Trailer Sales office in Lethbridge, or dial 587-600-9071 to reach the Lacombe branch.

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