Military Target

Military Target

The “Killer Tomato” is the gold standard for target balloon/buoys used in training exercises. Used on calm to moderate seas, this military target was created to resist machine gun fire and the waves of the ocean. No matter what you or Mother Nature throws at the Killer Tomato, it keeps standing upright, making it the ideal target for live fire drills. Once inflated with air, the Killer Tomato has a large, self-filling integrated skirt that holds the target in place on the sea surface and prevents the need for an anchor.

Killer Tomatoes are large, inflatable military targets that are easy to deploy and collect. Once the target is inflated, simply throw it overboard. It can be used for target practice with 4.5-inch naval guns, the Phalanx CIWS, Hellfire and Apache choppers, and more! Killer Tomatoes come with radar reflectors for weapon systems practice.

Why is the Military Target Called Killer Tomato?

At the time of its first construction, Attack of the Killer Tomatoes was featured and quickly become an international movie sensation. Because of this kind of target balloon's distinct rounded shape and reddish-orange color, the US Navy dubbed it the “Killer Tomato,” and the name stuck.

APPF Incorporated works routinely with military clients to produce radar-reflective Killer Tomatoes and other military target balloons that can produce stronger radar images for training purposes than other earlier target balloon designs.

Where to get High Quality Military Targets

APPF Incorporated is known for creating tough target balloons that can take a beating. We are a privately owned, US-based company, located in Southern California. We manufacture our Killer Tomatoes and other PVC and Urethane products in our large manufacturing facility. We have the capability to create standardized versions of products or customize our work according to the distinct needs of each client.

APPF Incorporated creates high quality inflatable military targets due to our many years of experience in working with PVC and Urethane products. Because of this, the Killer Tomato is a very popular product used by the US Navy. Along with military target production, APPF Incorporated also provides a variety of other products to the medical, aerospace, hospitality and consumer industries.

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If you would like to learn more about APPF Incorporated or view or portfolio online, you may do so at any time via our website. We have the technology and equipment, along with the expertise necessary, to undergo successful product development and deliver you a product you can be happy with.

Send us a request for a quote and let us turn your idea into reality. You may reach out at any time to learn about the services we offer for military targets or otherwise.


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Military Target

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