Marsh Runner

Marsh Runner

Unlike traditional vehicles designed for specific uses and terrain, marsh runners or swamp buggies are designed to offer transportation across exposed ground surfaces. Wetland equipment rentals and marsh buggies sales have soared lately. The popularity of amphibious excavator rental service has increased exponentially in the last couple of years. Marsh runners have multiple applications in the sports, fishing, mining, and engineering industries.

What is a Marsh Runner?

As the name might suggest, a marsh runner can travel on a marshy field as well as water. They were initially manufactured to help combat personnel cross rivers, lakes, and other water bodies while under attack.

Marsh runners are used for many functions, including fishing on marshy areas. They can also be used to transport equipment and people through swamps, flooded plains, and exposed ground surfaces with ease.

Marsh runners can also be used on roadways and waterways where wheeled transportation would not be as effective due to terrain or excessive traffic. They are ideal for transportation for people who live near water bodies where boats alone would not be practical for transportation.


There are different marsh runners, each with unique applications and advantages. The standard marsh runner is at the cutting edge of technology, providing excellent transportation in water bodies. This amphibious vehicle can reach remote locations where a traditional boat or car cannot go. In addition, it has powerful torque to two cargo behind it without straining.

Wilco Manufacturing, LLC offers marsh runner rentals to residents of Lafayette, LA. Our amphibious vehicles can quickly drive over marshy or swampy areas with cargo or passengers. The marsh runner is an extension of your truck. Except where the truck stops, the marsh runner continues.


Marsh runners have been used extensively not just in the angling industries, but they can also be used in the mining and engineering industries. Marsh runners are designed to carry cargo and people across waterways. They enable miners to reach remote, previously unreachable locations in swampy areas. The marsh runner allows miners to efficiently transport cargo and other materials in and out of mines without dealing with the extra cost of building roads over the marshy areas or waterways.

Marsh runners have been used in lithium extraction, purifying lithium from its ore. These vehicles have unique designs and engineering that allow them to float on water and drive on marshy areas. The amphibious nature of marsh runners makes them extremely useful for exploring environmentally sensitive places where other forms of transportation affect the ecosystem.

Marsh runners support transport operations in areas that may have otherwise been shut out due to ecological sensitivity or lack of transportation. Marsh runners can also be fitted with floating collars to boost buoyancy and allow them to travel in deeper water, soft mud, or sand without getting stuck.

Marsh Runners in Engineering

The application of marsh runners in the engineering industry has grown exponentially, increasing the demand for marsh runners.

The engineering industry of amphibious vehicles is growing fast and has experienced a significant increase in demand over the last several years. 

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