Welding Extraction

FilterCart Original mobile filter unit for light welding and extraction applications. FilterCart Original includes Extraction Arm Original with an integrated spotlight, which optimizes the user-friendly design. If a larger working range is needed, the 3 m (10 ft.) long arm version is recommended.

Standard Features

  • Easy to maneuver
  • LED spotlight included better light conditions for better welding result
  • Long lasting oneway filter with the large filter surface
  • HEPA 13 filter optional available

The FilterBox 12A is equipped with a powerful fan for a maximum airflow capacity of 1 200 m3/h (700 CFM). An integrated silencer reduces noise from the fan and outlet air. The unit has an advanced filter control system with automatic cleaning that starts when the air flow is too low. Available either as a mobile unit on wheels or attached to a floor stand. Additional protection from harmful particles is provided if a HEPA filter is installed.

Standard Features

  • User-friendly and superior filter cleaning, mechanical and/or with compressed air for long filter life
  • Automatic damper preventing dust from leaking out while cleaning
  • Dust free filter replacement and emptying of dust bin
  • Third party approval for welding fumes category W3 according to EN 15012-1

Hose Reel & Extension Arm

For all types of vehicle workshops, etc. where the hose can hang at a reachable height. The patented spring drive makes the reel very easy to handle. The reel is available with or without an automatic damper, the one with a patented integrated automatic damper saves energy and reduces the noise level.

Optional retraction control is available for increased safety and efficiency. Two separate suspension brackets make mounting the reel a simple and safe procedure. The brackets are fixed to the wall or ceiling before the light-weight reel is lifted directly on to the brackets. It is possible to mount the fan directly on the reel.

FibreDrain® oil mist and oil smoke collectors are designed with the unique FibreDrain® filter technology to guarantee high filtration efficiency and long filter life also at high oil mist concentrations in continuous operation. The FibreDrain® oil mist collectors are modular which extends the possible air flow capacity over the maximum size in standard range.

All units are prepared with sampling ports that can be used for Nederman Insight solutions, other control systems or measurements during operation. A wide range of accessories available to meet most application requirements. All standard units incorporates fan in compliance with ErP 2015 directive.

The Nederman extension arm for extraction arms is designed to be used when extra reach is needed. The extension or is manufactured from robust steel profiles. The extension can be connected direct to a single fan or to a ducted system. The extension arm is suspended by a pivoting wall bracket close to the wall and a joint on the middle of the product, which makes it flexible in all directions. The product is equipped with a universal bracket at the end which fits all Nederman extraction arms, exhaust reels or single exhaust extractors.

Ideal fume and dust extractor for heavy duty welding and where high airflows are demanded. NEX HD welding fume and dust extraction arms are the top of the range arms when it comes to high airflows and extraction of fume and dust with higher temperatures than normal. The extraction arms are specially designed for working environments with very heavy smoke, vapours and non-explosive dust.

Service Tower

All in one workstation for your vehicle repair shop. Self-standing work station for increased availability, efficiency for service staff.

Nederman’s Service Tower gives your service personnel quick access to:

  • Integrated workbench
  • Fluid, air, and energy
  • Cleaning system
  • Vehicle exhaust extraction
  • Fluid monitoring system
  • Drainage of waste oil

The industrial welding and grinding table for extracting fumes, dust and particles from welding and grinding operations. It can also be used in explosive environments, if grounded accordingly. The table is not suitable for cutting. The table can be used to suspend the welding torch when not in use.


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