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Remote Mini – Bulk

We offer a variety of remote mini-bulk solutions for your off-island DEF storage and dispensing needs. Our remote solutions integrate with any DEF dispensers and feature an aesthetically pleasing design that can be branded with your logo. We’ve also designed two versions of the system to handle any extreme weather situations. Remote Mini-Bulk features include:

  • Easy Integration with Commercial or Retail Sites
  • Pre-wiring for Quick and Easy Installation
  • An Insulated Composite shell that Minimizes Temperature Volatility
  • Environmentally Safe, 110% Secondary Containment
  • All Systems Meet ISO 22241-3, -4 Standards for the Storage and Dispensing of DE

Dispenser & Pumps

Aesthetically pleasing design is engineered for both heavy-duty commercial use and resale applications. Dispensers are compatible with all major card reader systems and can be piped to any remote DEF tank or mini-bulk system.

  • PRE-WIRED TO UL-508A AND CSA ELECTRICAL STANDARDS Conforms to the highest electrical standards for long-term use and ease-of-mind
  • FACTORY INSTALLED COMPONENTS Includes 20’ hose reel assembly, 1-micron filter, automatic shutoff nozzle, swivel/breakaway, pulse output and built-in mic-fill prevention device.
  • STAINLESS STEEL DISPENSE DOOR WITH LED DISPLAY Rugged cabinet prevents rust and corrosion while spring-loaded door prevents freezing hoses winter
  • MANY OPTIONS TO MAXIMIZE PROTECTION Thermostatically controlled heater, hose reel with 40′ hose, Weights & Measures upgrade, NTEP certified dispenser Choose from 40’ hose, thermostatically controlled heater, dual dispenser doors and Weights & Measures upgrade.

Single Tote Cabinets

For smaller fleets or temporary DEF storage and handling needs, Blue1USA offers these quality Single Tote Cabinets with a convenient fold down a door or built-in dispenser. Every unit is prewired per UL-508A and CSA C22.2 electrical standards and is specifically engineered to protect your fluid investment from both hot and cold temperature extremes.

Double Tote Cabinets

For the customer who needs outdoor storage for more than one tote of DEF fluid, our Double Tote Cabinets are available in both insulated and non-insulated models with either a fold-down door or built-in dispenser.

Commercial Mini-Bulk

When you invest in one of our DEF storage solutions you will save thousands of dollars per year by eliminating weekly delivery charges and paying less per gallon by purchasing your fluid in bulk.

  • FACTORY INSTALLED COMPONENTS Turn-key systems assures you of quick and inexpensive installation costs and reliable performance.
  •  BUILD-IN DISPENSER Our most popular model includes a 25’ hose & reel assembly, automatic shutoff nozzle and swivel/breakaway.
  • PRE-WIRED TO UL AND CSA ELECTRICAL STANDARDS Plug-and-play systems provide faster permitting and long-term, ease-of-mind use.
  • NARROW, COMPACT FOOTPRINT Fits on most fuel islands thus reducing driver’s fueling time (500-1,000 gal sizes).

Bulk Storage

Our largest mini-bulk systems are engineered for large fleets and retail establishments who wish to minimize installation costs by keeping their DEF storage aboveground. These turn-key systems are not only aesthetically pleasing but are also built to withstand the heavy, demanding use by large fleets in all weather conditions. Available in 3,400 and 5,000 gallon capacities, the Blue1Max™ is available in either our remote or commercial model with the very popular built-in dispenser