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Aboveground Rectangular Double Wall Storage Tanks

Aboveground Steel horizontal double wall contained Storage Tank for the storage of Fuel, Fuel Oil, Lubricating Oil and Used Oil. ULC Listed & D-55 Compliant. Available in capacities from 454L to 2,500L


  • Pumping Equipment Packages
  • Tank Gauging Accessories
  • Fill Pots for Fuel
  • Fill Pots for Used Oil
  • Custom Piping Pkgs

Materials Used
Carbon Steel

Utility Cylindrical Tank

Clemmer tanks provide you with a secure, durable and liquid tight storage system. Simple and inexpensive to install on virtually any level surface, they are easy to relocate, allowing for flexibility of use and resale. Trouble free to maintain, Clemmer tanks are designed so that inspections and tank gauging can be done with ease.


  • Pump options available
  • Mechanical or electrical gauging equipment
  • Split compartment option available on 1,000 Gallon tank
  • Overflow protection alarms
  • Stairs and platforms