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FLEXWELL Safety Pipe (FSR)

FLEXWELL Safety Pipe (FSR)
Flexible, endless production, double-walled, monitorable pipe system
Operating temperature:
Operating pressure: PN 25
Dimensions: DN 20-100
Medium pipe: special steel
Area of application:
transport of environmentally hazardous, combustible, toxic and dangerous fluids and gases.

FSR - an innovative product, tried and tested many times over
Our patented FLEXWELL Safety Pipe provides you with a dual-wall system to transport combustible or water-hazardous media – doubly sure, monitorable and design-approved.

Areas of application
Transport of environmentally hazardous, combustible, toxic fluids and gases.

Systematic benefits
More than 40 years’ experience with FLEXWELL Safety Pipe ensures that your planning is reliable, thanks to an approved system


Flexible, endless production, single-wall armoured pipe system with a film and PE casing to provide external corrosion protection
Operating temperature:
Operating pressure: PN 25
Dimensions: DN 20-50
Medium pipe: special steel
Area of application:
gases, pressure pipes for water, fuels, etc.

Can be installed quickly and simply, with no need for welding or X-ray tests. Just single compression connectors at the start and end of the entire pipe

Installation/assembly of a special steel pipe for high pressure, large lengths.
Area of application:
transport of liquid and gaseous media.

Flexible, endless production, single-wall, mechanically reinforced pipe system. Medium pipe: special steel


Flexible, endless production, monitorable pipe system
Operating temperature:
Operating pressure: PN 10
Dimensions: DN 40/50/100
Medium pipe: special steel
Area of application:
suction pipe, pressure pipe, filling pipe. Use as a vapour recovery pipes stages 1 and 2 possible at any time.

Filling station pipe systems

This specially developed pipe system is a ’must’ for every modern filling station.
Its strengths:

  • flexible and monitorable
  • diffusion-proof and corrosion-resistant
  • installation is fast and efficient 

Structure of the pipe

This flexible composite pipe has a corrugated inner pipe made of special steel, material no. 1.4404 (equivalent to US standard AISI TP316L). This is wrapped in a helically wound PE casing pipe whose ridges interlock with the corrugation of the inner pipe. The geometry of the helically corrugated inner pipe produces a endless production all-round channel which prevents unwanted escapes of medium in case of damage, so contamination is avoided. This monitoring area can also be used for pressure testing or leakage monitoring. SECON-X is manufactured from corrosion-resistant material so it does not require additional cathodic corrosion protection.


Flexible, single-wall, helically corrugated pipe system, with and without polyethylene corrosion protection
Operating pressure: PN 6/16
Dimensions: DN 12-150
Medium pipe: special steel
Area of application:
heat exchangers, transport of gases, water and chemicals, or protective pipe.

NIROFLEX is a flexible corrugated pipe system made of stainless steel. The pipe is produced in large lengths in our factory. The key design element is that the pipe is helically corrugated.
The essential benefits of BRUGG’s helically corrugated pipe technology are optimized geometry to minimize flow resistance, good flushing and efficient heat transfer - with excellent flexibility and transverse rigidity at the same time.

Benefits of the system

  • installation is fast and efficient
  • no welded connections and no fittings
  • excellent flexibility and self-compensation
  • unique helical corrugation gives favorable flow characteristics
  • small radii of bending


Fiber Glass Systems is the leader for time-tested piping systems for underground fueling systems. We have proven our leadership with almost 50 years of continuous supply of 2 brands of UL Listed products for underground fuels. With a combined 85 years of experience, Red Thread IIA, Dualoy 3000/L and LCX have never been removed due to fuel incompatibility. With the ongoing search for renewable fuels, this long-term capability is key to choosing our products for use in future fuel applications.

We offer a 30-year warranty on Red Thread IIA and Dualoy pipe, fittings and adhesives. This ensures against material and workmanship defects and internal and external corrosion when used for underground transportation of fuel.