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Advance Fuel Dispensing

Wayne is forging new directions with advanced fuel dispenser equipment that enables retailers to do more with less.

A global fuel dispenser manufacturer for retail and fleet applications, Wayne is leading the way with technological advances on multiple fronts, from eco-fuel solutions and regulation-compliant pay-at-the-pump security to multimedia marketing and ground breaking site control systems. Wayne has come a long way since the first oil pump in 1891, and we continue to focus on a future of ever-expanding possibilities.

Fleet Fuel Dispensers

Advanced technology delivers enhanced fleet fueling efficiency

Getting your fleet on the road quickly is crucial to your bottom line which means fueling should be as hassle-free and fast as possible. The Wayne Select Series electronic fleet fuel dispenser keeps your operation moving at a rapid pace. In a class of its own, this dispenser harnesses leading technology and combines it with durable construction to bring you high speed, dependable fueling capabilities.

Powerfully equipped with cutting-edge electronics, the latest metering technology, and field-proven components, the Select Series not only decreases fueling time significantly, it provides reliable functionality and easy management. A wide range of configuration options along with multiple feature choices gives you superior flexibility.

Retail Fuel Dispensers

Loyal customers start at the pump

When a customer has a great fueling experience — one that is clean, fast, secure, and friendly — they’re not only more likely to return, they step inside for a soda, magazine, lottery ticket, or candy bar. The Ovation2 fuel dispenser is easy to use and just as easy to own … it’s durable and easy to maintain while integrating flawlessly into your IT and payment systems. The Ovation2 fuel dispenser just might be Perfection2.

Put North America’s most attractive, technologically advanced fuel dispenser to work on your forecourt, and show your customers the value of a “perfect” fueling experience.